Beer – New Case Study Shows Amazing Truth


beerphotoBeer is known to Get people drunk and tipsy but drinking a beer may also be healthy for you, as a new study shows, According to the study –  drinking beer improves people’s ability to recognize certain feelings, like happiness, Joy, Love and related topics

In the study, 60 People, ages 18 to 50 drank a standard beer that contained alcohol, or nonalcoholic beer, through the span of 15 minutes. The groups in the study drank around 17 ounces (500 milliliters) of beer.

There were no other differences in how fast the people in the two groups recognized other feelings of love, hate, fear, etc

It was also found that people who drank beer expressed a greater desire to spend time in the company of other people than those who drank the nonalcoholic. Women expressed it far more then men. They guessed it Cuz women get drunk much more faster.


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